Software Development

Posted on March 21, 2011 by webmaster

Software development is the most complicated phase during the creation of a product or application. That’s why we, at Softprise, when speaking about a possible technical solution concentrate not only on the technical side of a problem, but also dedicate a lot of time discussing business processes and evaluating the understanding of how software development works.

Our development process starts at the stage where we engage with our clients and get to know their requirements. This is the most critical phase of the process because, if the requirements are incorrect or incomplete, no matter how sophisticated the application, it is of no use. This is the stage where we also explore various available options and approaches and suggest different options to our customers. There is a great degree of engagement and communication with the customer which lays the foundation for the rest of the project.

We do use well-known and popular development methodologies (like SCRUM, Kanban, Extreme programming, or FDD), but, we do not offer them in their pure form. Instead, we tailor these methodologies to suit the customer’s needs and work environment. We can also carry out the traditional methods of a standard waterfall model if the client so desires.

Since we often use an iterative and interactive development approach, after the initial analysis phase, the project is split into iterations or increments and each increment follows a min-waterfall model with Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Testing as its sub-phases.

During the analysis phase, wireframes are created where necessary and the visual designing aspect is also covered with multiple iterations till we have a delighted customer.

Next are the design and implementation phases, which are carried out by our teams based on the technology. We follow the highest industry standards regarding coding and designing with stringent reviews. Thorough testing is carried out and quality assurance procedures are followed to ensure that the application meets the requirements.

And finally is the user acceptance testing phase, where the customer is engaged again to test the application developed and give us a sign-off.

Project management and client interaction are carried out by our team in Tallinn and all effort is taken to ensure that the client has a one-point contact with Softprise where issues, is any are addressed.