Software Testing and QA

Posted on March 21, 2011 by webmaster

Software Testing and quality assurance is a mechanism by which the customers and end users can get to know more about the quality of a product or application.

Not only does Softprise carry out testing and quality assurance of the applications that we build, but also of third party products. That is, if you have bought or made a product or application, our test engineers will test it for quality.

At various stages of development, we carry out testing. Our testing techniques not only assure you that the intent of the application is met, but also ensure that nothing that should not be part of the application is being done. The testing techniques we follow are –

  • Unit Testing – also known as Component Testing relates to testing of one independent component. Each component is tested for functionality independently.
  • Integration Testing is the phase where one or more components that interact with each other are tested together. The main focus here is to see that the two components work together as desired.
  • System Testing is where the entire system gets tested end-to-end.
  • Regression Testing – At times, to fix a defect or carry out some changes, some part of the application or product is changed. Regression testing is carried out to ensure that the changed part as well as the parts which are impacted by this change are working as desired.
  • Smoke Testing is the also called Random testing. When you want to just carry out some tests to check generic behavior of the application smoke testing can be carried out. Formulated test plans need not be used for smoke testing.

If required, we also carry out load testing, performance testing and stress testing, to ensure that the Application does not fail to perform when there are too many users working simultaneously.

When we undertake third party testing, our Testing experts and business consultants meet with the customers, discuss the requirements and study documents if any. Service levels are discussed at this point. Out testing team then details out test cases and prepares test data. These test cases are then executed on the application and defects are listed and reported. Based on the criticality of the defects the application is certified or rejected.

Thus with Softprise you can rest assured that the application will be thoroughly tested for all aspects.