Softprise will attend Embedded Linux Conference in San Jose, CA on March 24th-25th

Posted on April 22, 2014 by webmaster

Softprise is really excited to attend Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) this year again. ELC is the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products to be held on March 23rd – March 25th 2015 in San Jose (CA), USA.

This time our company is registered for two talks on the conference. The first talk delivered by our Chief Embedded Architect, Mr. Vitaly Wool on March 24th is dedicated to Linux for Microcontrollers. He will continue a story of successful implementation of DRAM-less Linux-operated microcontroller that he started at ELC 2014. This time he want to share some important updates: moving to mainline-aligned 3.x baseline, compiling out VM-specific code, optimizing kernel XIP, and the last but not the least, starting to use picoTCP kernel networking stack. The next day Mr. Wool will deliver a talk dedicated to combining high-performance cores are with low power ones to deliver peak-performance capacity at a lower average power cost on Android devices using ARM’s big.LITTLE technology. Since big.LITTLE effectively is an asymmetrical MP, mainline SMP-oriented kernel “fair” scheduler can’t take advantage of it. This talk will show what should be changed in the mainline scheduler to fit big.LITTLE architecture.

We are hope that our presentation will be helpful to everybody who is interested in Linux embedded development, especially for mobile phones and other power constrained devices. Later we will publish materials from our talks on the conference.

More detailed information you can find using the following links:

If you didn’t have a time to visit our presentations, you can do it on our site. See two videos below.

Linux for Microcontrollers: From Marginal to Mainstream

Click to here to download slides for this presentation

Doing big.LITTLE right: little and Big Obstacles

Click to here to download slides for this presentation

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