Why Softprise Consulting?

Posted on March 21, 2011 by webmaster

How often have you been in a situation in which you have an amazing business idea regarding the development of a product that could make your business a success, but you need to find somebody to develop this idea into an application and who can bring your idea to life?

Different points of view on future product

Different points of view on future product (click to enlarge)

Companies who promise to help you do this are dime-a-dozen, and most of these will more or less meet your requirements. But once you forge ahead your dreams turn into nightmares and there are situations when your ideas do not get fulfilled the way you want them to. Where, then, lies the problem?

The answer is quite simple – the customer and the developers think and speak in different languages. This is because all consultants are not aware of the processes, the domains and at times are even more unconcerned about the customer. Methodologies like Agile also do not help, because the root of the problem lies somewhere else.

We at Softprise believe that the project methodology, be it management or development needs to adhere to the customer’s processes. This ensures that the right ideas are captured and the customer is in a comfort zone. Our team of highly skilled professionals ensures that customer requirements are correctly understood and then perfectly translated into an application.

Finally, in developing a product we strive not only to fulfil all the customer requirements laid out in the documentation, but to always produce a product that is of high quality and perhaps, in its own way, even unique. We understand that only a well-written product can be effectively marketed and can address its particular niche in the market. A successful product means growth of business and increased profit for the customer, which in turn leads to satisfaction with the entire project from the customer’s point of view. Only that customer who in collaboration with us has achieved the laid-out goals will return to use our services again.

IT is not so difficult as it seems!