Embedded Development

Posted on March 14, 2013 by webmaster

After UNIX stopped being freeware, Linux has taken up its position and is nowadays quite sought after when it comes to development software for Embedded Devices where Linux kernel takes main role. We have extensive development competence from simple single board devices to complex.

Why Embedded Linux ?

Because of the biggest open source community development model, plenty of supported architectures and vendor’s boards, world-class security, maximum flexibility and vendor independence, huge number of supported devices, well documented.

Softprise has strong team of experienced Linux professionals, therefore we are able to deploy our services in this area. We have deep and solid background in different topics and can cover Automotive, Telecommunication, RTOS, Automatic Control Systems, BMS, Fuel-Gauge, Charging algorithm, Boot-loaders, Mobile Telephony, Linux kernel boot-time optimization, Design, Development, Debugging of Embedded software.

One of the area we working on is Automotive Industry. Vehicles are getting smarter and require different and interesting solutions to cover world’s needs. Now it’s already possible to create different kind of combinations of AUTOSAR environment together with Linux system running on one single SoC using modern ARM Cortex™ 15 processors with hardware accelerated virtualization that allows to run Linux Kernel as a task under a real-time OS, where we get all the advantages of hard real-time along with the huge toolkit included with Linux system. One of the example is handling all CAN bus events in real-time world and run navigation application under Linux/Android world.

Softprise has the following capabilities in the area of embedded software development services to help you in getting your devices and systems developed in minimal time, cost effectively in order to compete on the market:

  • Linux board bring-up and device drivers
  • Development Device Drivers from scratch
  • Porting existing drivers for different Embedded devices
  • Porting Linux kernel on new ARM/MIPS boards
  • Power Management and BMS
  • Boot-time optimization
  • Design and development SW for embedded systems
  • Custom Application Development
  • Support customers to port/develop their own features
  • Automated and manual testing of Embedded SW
  • Product testing, Validation