Maintenance and Support

Posted on August 3, 2011 by webmaster

Sometimes you may be in a situation where you have a ready piece of software and need to either change it or fix some defects in it. The team involved in the development of the Application may no longer be available and you may be left with an application that you are not happy with.

Sometimes some businesses are such that you do not want a failure at all or want quick fixes and support of the Application.

We are here to help you in these situations. The development centres at Softprise maintains their applications as well as takes up other applications to maintain. Our specialists carry out the following services as maintenance and support activities –

  • Emergency 24/7 support – in this case, the team members will be available round the clock to carry out emergency fixes and ensure that critical applications do not fail.
  • Enhancements – as part of this model, enhancements are built into the existing application.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support – Softprise takes over the maintenance and support on a long term basis, which includes small enhancements and bug fixes.

Before taking over maintenance activities, our process consultants and business analysts study the existing application and supporting documents. This study then leads to the understanding of the Application and the information is then passed on to the development and maintenance team.

Enhancements and their impact are discussed with the client and then built into the Application. As per the customer’s requirement, we come up with a testing schedule and a release schedule. Version control and Release management is also handled by Softprise.