Java Development

Posted on March 14, 2013 by webmaster

Softprise has extensive expertise when it comes to development in Java. Our company has developed many Java-based applications across various domains. Most of these were database-driven application, supporting businesses and their managerial decisions. We have also built plain e-commerce applications and content management systems.

Java being more robust that .NET, for complex applications Softprise suggests development on the Java platform. You can choose from a variety of application servers, like IBM Websphere, Tomcat, JBoss, etc. Scalability and security of the applications in Java is much more than any other technology. Also an important consideration is its compatibility with different types of database management systems, like Oracle and free systems like MySQL. Also, unlike .NET, Java applications can be hosted not only on Windows servers but also on Linux, though Linux administration may require specialist administrators and may be time consuming.

Because of support from Oracle and Sun, there is a wide range of libraries to choose from and this helps in easier development.

The main drawback of Java is its complex presentation layer. If the user interface is very complex, the code can get very complicated and Java may not be the best solution in this case. But, with the advent of newer website development techniques like AJAX and a newer version of HTML, the user has a good experience and is not aware of the kind of backend that is used to build the application.

At Softprise we believe in being the best. In keeping with this thought process, our Java Technical Architects, team leads and software specialists take certification exams. They are encouraged to get certified and keep up with the latest technological changes and advancement, so that the clients get the best when they come to us.