Nearshore Process Consulting

Posted on March 21, 2011 by webmaster

Normal offshore development and process consulting has a team located in another country or location interacting with customers. In such cases, the time difference can be a hindrance to process changes and the customer’s business. Our company Headquarters are in Tallinn, Estonia with development branches in Eastern Europe and Sweden (Lund). This ensures that because we are based in Europe, these time differences and cultural differences are not a hindrance like a standard outsourcing model.

With new development models like scrum and agile being used, the need for tighter collaboration and cohesiveness between the client and development team has become the need of the day. Nearshore is a better model of engagement than pure offshore as it helps in better engagement with your team. Lags due to the time differences and lengthy communications over continents are avoided and better clarity is achieved in a shorter duration.

When we engage with you, our process consultants will evaluate your current needs and recommend solutions including process improvements, automation as well as technologies that you can use. Typically this process includes the following phases:

  • Business Analysis – Our consultants will analyze your business practices, and your existing processes, and look for solutions in your domain. The main focus of our team will be to ensure that you get long-lasting solutions in line with best practices in the industry.
  • Requirements gathering – this is the phase where we will translate your business requirements into functional requirements. That is, our experienced domain consultants will detail the requirements corresponding to each business practice. This is carried out for the approved business solution from the previous phase. Wireframes are also created at this stage to give an idea as to how the data will be captured or displayed.
  • Design of technology solution – Based on the gathered requirements and technological constraints of your business, our Technical architects will design a technology solution. Our experts will consider the existing technology and provide a solution within your budget and technological framework.
  • Project estimation – Once the above three phases are done, an estimate for development of the application will be arrived at. This estimation will let you know the manpower, schedule and cost budget of the application.
  • Proposal preparation – our proposal team will create a formal proposal and present it to you as part of this final phase.

Once you decide to move ahead, a formal contract will be signed and the solution will be implemented by our development teams.

This approach will not only improve your IT service levels but will also help you achieve cost savings, making your business more efficient.