Mobile Application Development

Posted on March 14, 2013 by webmaster

With the advent of mobile technology, and the ever increasing market for tablets, there are more and more people resorting to using mobile devices for their daily activities. People are using their mobile devices for banking, ticket booking, shopping, and if nothing else to be connected with their friends over social media.

This has given a rise to the requirement of having most of your applications available over these devices as well. Given the size constraints of these devices, a normal web application cannot be just ported to a mobile device and that is where Mobile application development becomes important.

If you already have a desktop application, you may want to make it work for a mobile device, and then there may be a bit of re-engineering required depending on the existing architecture.

But, if you are thinking of developing a new application altogether, it would be a good idea to develop it for a mobile device simultaneously, because then the architecture will cater to both the types of devices and you will save on cost and effort in the long run. Since development of mobile application has its specific.

First of all you should know that not all functionality can be implemented in mobile application the same way as for desktop or web-based applications. That’s why the team developing mobile applications should be experienced in order to provide you with a user interface which will look the same on all mobile devices. Smartphones and tables have a variety of choices of resolutions and the mobile software should automatically adjust the user interface to provide the same look and feel. Such aspects are usually not known to a beginner or a newbie in mobile development and this may result in higher effort and time on the project.

Softprise has an experienced team to guide you through the mobile development and make it a good experience for you. Our development team as well as consultants are experienced in mobile as well as tablet and can offer you what technology to choose to build you mobile application for IOS and Android toolkits.