.NET Development

Posted on March 21, 2011 by webmaster

Softprise, as part of its Software development practice provides customers with an option to use .Net as a development platform. The company has a highly competent team of .Net professionals who have worked extensively on the .Net framework. Our specialists have experience covering every major technology framework and other development techniques which can be used on the Microsoft .NET platform, such as NET, ASP.NET/MVC, Silverlight, ExtJS, HTML5, HTML5, nHibernate, WCF, WPF, MS SQL Server and Windows Phone development. These are the most popular frameworks on the market but we have experience in various other frameworks, components and libraries for .NET and Windows platform.

Though .NET has not been too fast to catch up or may not hold as much of confidence as Java, the latest improvements including MVC architectural support, and faster changes to the user interface, it is fast catching up. As the Microsoft architecture and environment is used to run .Net applications, integration with IIS, SQL Server and MSI packages is seamless.

The main drawback you may feel about .NET is that it binds you to Microsoft and its licensing policies. Integration with non-Microsoft technologies like javascript or other user interface scripts is not always smooth and can be a problem. But, with the development of HTML5, a newly improved language that allows better control over the front end of websites and AJAX, which gives you web development techniques to create web applications, and their seamless integration with .NET applications, this drawback has been negated to a large extent.

We at Softprise ensure that our software engineers are familiar with modern technologies and tools available in the market. We encourage our software specialists to attempt and clear Micrososoft Certification exams. All .NET architects, team leads as well as software specialists are either MCPD or MCTS certified, thus ensuring that best practices are followed and quality of work is delivered.