Meet Softprise at Embedded Linux Conference in San Jose, CA on April 30th

Posted on January 30, 2015 by webmaster

We are happy to announce that our company will be presented on Embedded Linux Conference by one of our most skilled Linux experts – Vitaly Wool. Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) is the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products to be held on April 29 – May 1 in San Jose, CA.

With the growing interest in home automation, Linux-based smart sensor devices capable of talking to your mobile phones and tablets become hot topic. But with the obvious power constraints and cost-cutting pressure, deploying Linux on such devices turns out to be quite a challenge. Vitaly will deliver a talk on ELC showing a success story of creation a Linux-running MCU-based DRAM-less home automation device, including criteria definition, comparison and selection of a suitable MCU, challenges met during development and debugging with a short demonstration.

We are hope that our presentation will be helpful to everybody who is interested in Linux embedded development, especially for mobile phones and other power constrained devices.

More detailed information you can find using the following links:

Embedded Linux Conference in San Jose, CA 2014
Softprise’s session at ELC 2014

Here you can find slides and audio recording of Vitaly’s talk (Spreading the Disease):

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